A set of statistical metrics to better understand and qualify malware datasets.
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What is STASE ?

STASE provides a set of metrics to describe a dataset of malware labels.


  • evaluate the properties of malware datasets
  • identify potential bias in experimental studies
  • analyze the decision and classification of antivirus products


Input: a dataset of labels formatted as a CSV or CSV.GZ file

  • columns: antivirus products
  • rows: malware files

Output: metrics introduce in this research paper (soon to be released)


python3 stase.py sample.csv.gz output.json

    "equiponderance": 0.2422919148,

Technical details:

  • implemented in Python 3 (dependencies in requirements.txt)
  • use multiprocessing for performance
  • shipped with Ouroboros


  • Handle more input formats and options

Pull request accepted !