Send your log over XMPP to monitor your systems.
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Chattail is a bot that allows you to monitor your log with a simple XMPP chat client (full list).

This program is functional, but I haven’t test it in a production environment.

Use it with caution, but tweak it as you like (see the LICENCE file).

Why ?

  • Net traversal: launch the bot on your server, monitor your log everywhere.
  • Fast monitoring: connect with a chat client, and check your log in secs.
  • Restricted access: give a read access only to the file your wish to share (ex: apache access).
  • Multi-user: add one line to your configuration file, and a new admin can check the log.
  • XMPP coolness: XMPP is a great protocol (extensible, multi-purpose, well designed …).


  • Install the dependencies: sleekxmpp, dnspython, pyasn1, pyasn1-modules.
  • Create 2 XMPP accounts: one for the bot, the other for your chat client.
  • Edit your configuration file: copy the test.sample.conf file and edit your account/files.
  • Launch the program: simply type ‘python -c test.conf’ with an system account that can access the file.


When the program is launched, the JID associated with the bot will appear online. Simply pass your command just like a Command Line Interface:

  • ls
  • help
  • help tail
  • tail messages
  • stop

Use the ‘help’ action to get more information about the command you wish you use. It’s straightforward !

For developers

This section will explain the design:

Why use XMPP and not start a new protocol from scratch ? XMPP is extensible and come with a lot a functionality and software (client/server). It’s an open standard, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Why Python ? It’s a popular, mature and easy to use language. SleekXMPP is a well designed library (thanks Fritzy.

Why only one big Python file ? It’s easier that way. Download the file, edit a configuration file and run the program !

Why threads other processes ? I don’t need big computation, but sharing memory was necessary (even though the stopping condition can be improved).

Why there is no unit tests ? It’s hard (although possible) to test an asynchronous client/software program. If you need to debug chattail, just give the -v (verbose) to turn the console display (It can give you a lot of information).

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me !


  • Support plugins: add custom command to make it an extensible bot.
  • More configuration: output log file, file permissions, resource ID …
  • Multiple tail per JID: this can be messy, it need a careful planning.
  • More security: I try to make as many internal test as I can, but there is still room to improvment.