The simplest way to jump between directories.
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The simplest way to jump between directories.


pip install xontrib-simplejump


I wanted a simple and efficient alternative to z, fasd and other jump scripts.

simplejump algorithm:

  • on directory change: associate the base name to the full path of a dir in simplejump dict
  • on user search: return the exact match or the smaller partial match from simplejump dict
  • on tabcomplete: return the list of simplejump dict keys that match the command prefix
  • on shell init: load the dict from simplejump file or an empty dict
  • on shell exit: store the dict in simplejump file using json format

simplejump design:

  • keys/names are case insensitive, values/paths are case sensitive

simplejump vars:

  • simplejump file: $SIMPLEJUMP_FILE
  • simplejump dict: $SIMPLEJUMP_DICT

simplejump file:

  • simplejump file: ~/.simplejump


simplejump [DIR]